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Top 5 Pink Wristlet For iPhone 5- iGadget Zone


Even though we all know how important it is to leave the house with your wallet, phone and keys every time, we inevitably forget to take at least one of these things. Carrying separate items and remembering to keep them all together is something we have forgotten to do time and again. Wouldn’t it be much easier if we could just keep them all in one place and never have to worry about 3 things when you leave the house?

With our  wristlet cases for iPhone 5 it is now a real possibility! While it may not be an invention like electricity, it is definitely a boon when you are in a hurry. You can easily fit your phone, some cash and cards and a single key inside, allowing you to have all your essentials in one place.

We at iGadget Zone have created a list of our top 5 pink wristlet cases for iPhone 5 that will not only have a utility purpose in your life, but will also look super cute with all your outfits!

True Color Chevron Quilted Wallet Wristlet Case for iPhone 5/S – Taupe

The True Color Chevron Quilted Wallet Wristlet for iPhone 5/S has a stylish quilted design that will match all your party wear and looks great when you are going out. A magnetic snap closure is secure and the wristlet offers ample space inside to let you keep your iPhone safe and away from accidents, dust and water. The beautiful Taupe color and good quality synthetic leather add to the wristlet’s stylish design and beauty.


Magnetic Folio Chevron Wristlet Wallet Case for iPhone 5/S - Hot Pink

The Magnetic Folio Chevron Wallet Case Wristlet for iPhone 5/S is a gorgeous nautical print case that has a dedicated hard case inside to keep your iPhone securely at one spot. The case will give you access to all the ports and you wouldn’t have to keep removing it even while you text, talk, charge or take a picture. It features a horizontal stand for media viewing and a snap magnetic closure for easy using and security.


Aztec Inca Print Wristlet Wallet Case for iPhone 5/S – Pink

The Aztec Inca Print Wristlet Wallet Case for iPhone 5/s comes in beautiful shades of pink and is compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5S. The gorgeous digital Aztec print looks bright and adds a fun element to the wristlet case. It features magnetic closure and a horizontal stand that can be propped up to easily watch media. The removable wrist strap is convenient and the case lets you have easy access to all ports and buttons.


True Color Studded Wallet Wristlet Cross Body Case for iPhone 5/S – Fuchsia

The True Color Studded Wallet Wristlet Cross Body  Case for iPhone 5/S has been created using high quality leather like material and it features a dedicated Soft TPU shell inside to keep your iPhone in place. The strong double magnetic closure keeps all the contents safely inside without the fear of the wristlet opening. The horizontal video-viewing stand is extremely convenient and the detachable wrist strap gives you the option of removing and putting it back as needed.


Slim Magnetic Folio Quilted Wristlet Wallet Case for iPhone 5/S - Nude Pink

The Slim Magnetic Folio Quilted Wristlet  Wallet Case for iPhone 5/S features a dual colored design with nude and pink. Made from high quality materials, the quilted pattern is easy to hold and doesn’t slip from your hands. Along with the 2 credit cards slots inside, it also has a soft transparent TPU shell that holds your iPhone in place. Other features include removable wrist strap, horizontal viewing stand, magnetic closure and easy access to all ports and buttons even when the phone is inside.