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Top Bling Cases for iPhone 6 by iGadgetZone


Nowadays, individuals prefer things that have bling, even with mobile phone cases. Since mobile phone cases are being accessorized already, people tend to choose cases that are stylish, fashionable and one that matches the owner’s style and preference. Some cases have crystals, such as rhinestone, while some are just simply colored.

iPhone 6 owners have no problems looking for mobile cases as there are a lot of it everywhere, given that it is a popular brand and model these days. At iGadgetZone, choices are narrowed down to the top most sellable and bling cases for their iPhone 6, quality, durability and style included. Take a look at these top choices for bling iPhone 6 cases and see what fits your style and fashion statement.

Topping the list is the Dual Layer Shock Proof Bling Crystals Case in Gold and Purple color. It has a smart design of two layers: a soft silicone cradle with a strong PC closing from the back portion. Aside from this, it has corners which are shock absorbing reinforced and a front bezel that protects the screen on flat surfaces. The headphone jack and charging port are still accessible through precise cutouts on the case itself.

Dual Layer Shockproof Bling Crystals Case for iPhone 6 - GoldDual Layer Shockproof Bling Crystals Case for iPhone 6 - Purple

Next in line is the Triple Layer Bling Hybrid Case in color combinations of black- white and hot pink-blue. As the name implies, it has three parts in its shock proof design, namely: two durable hard plastic pieces which go in front and at the back, and with a soft silicon in the middle. This technique of construction ensures high shock absorbing capabilities of the case. It is also accented by bling bling crystals on its back part. Designed for ultimate protection, it has a polycarbonate shell with a semi-soft TPU. All buttons, ports, and controls are easily accessible with the case on. When purchased, it has a free stylus pen and it is packaged in a Majesticase® retail.

Triple Layer Bling Hybrid Case for iPhone 6 (4.7") - Black / White

Triple Layer Bling Hybrid Case for iPhone 6 (4.7) - Hot Pink / Blue

All these cases allow iPhone 6 owners to have easy access buttons and ports and thus, being stylish without compromising convenience and durability. The cases are also very affordable ranging from $7.95 to $8.95, and are also eligible for free shipping.

Interested? Visit iGadgetZone and see their catalog for more details and options for iPhone 6 case products. Look for a case that represents you.

What are you waiting for? Grab your iPhone 6 case at iGadgetZone now! Happy shopping! Enjoy! view our iphone 6 bling cases in the catalog