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Top Samsung S6 Card Holders Wallet Cases for Men By True Color


People nowadays tend to be always on the go and the most important things to be brought when going out are the cell phone, credit and debit cards and most of all cash. Most especially the guys. Often times, something gets left behind of these items. We have the tendency to remember we should bring this and that, but end up being able to get only one or two then realizing too late that something got left behind. This happens most especially when different things are placed in different storages.

Is there a way to juggle through all this and have a single storage for everything? Yes, indeed there is. Due to the pressing need of people to be on the go and travelling from one place to another, two in one card and mobile phone holders were made. With this, even if you only remember getting your mobile phone, the cards and cash are already with it, making sure that you do not forget anything.

Galaxy S6 is relatively new and we thought we'll present to you our top options of galaxy s6 wallet cases for men? With the new Samsung Galaxy S6 card holder pro folio wallet case by True Color, being on the go is easier and more convenient. It has a practical, durable and stylish design good for everyday use. With its smart interior design, you can carry 5 credit cards without hassle and even have additional bills and cards as it has also pockets beneath the card slots. Your mobile screen would also not be compromised as it has a velvet feel buffer flap. If you have the need to charge or use your mobile phone, it would not be a problem as you can have full and at the same time easy access to the charging port, headphone jack, silent, volume and on and off buttons. Aside from that, it also has a smart video viewing stand that allows you to just place your mobile on a table top without worrying to hold it all the time you watch a video.

True Color Card Holder Pro Folio Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 - Black

Does it securely close? Yes it does. The card holder pro folio wallet case has a strong magnetic flap closure that will make sure that your wallet stays close even when it is jam packed with contents. There is nothing to worry about as it is also made from the durable high quality synthetic leather by True Color New York.

Is the price you pay for it worth it? Yes, it is. The True Value card holder pro folio wallet case for Samsung S6 only costs $14.95, and even is at a free shipping category. Given its slick design, convenience, and durability of material, it is definitely worth the price you pay even to last cent.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your very own Samsung S6 card holder pro folio wallet case by True Color. It comes in the top three colors for men that you can choose from: black, brown and wine. Pick the most appropriate color for you, and you also would not have to worry as these colors can go with anything you wear. Shop now, and experience the durability and style of True Color card holder pro folio wallet cases for Samsung S6.

Grab yours now! Happy Shopping!

True Color Card Holder Pro Folio Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 - Wine