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iPhone 4 Charger Cables & Adapters

Cellphones nowadays come packed with strong storage, internet browsing, connectivity and mobility advantages, regardless of the constantly updated apps that eat your resources and power alive. With all this gear of applications and functions, we need to keep the pace with the power consumption. We rarely find the time to wait for our cellphones to charge completely on conventional power sources. And who cares for the conventional power sources when there are all kinds of alternatives on the market?

For the iPhone 4 and 4S, iGadgetZone provides an extensive list of classic chargers, iPhone 4S cables and power adapters. They all come with specific capacities and benefits and they are all meant to keep your cellphone up and running for a long time.

The iPhone 4 and 4S USB cable is a mandatory accessory for all of us who like staying connected all the time and for the many of us who are used to transferring, downloading, uploading data constantly.

Even the classic iPhone 4S chargers have an USB port nowadays so if you haven’t bought yourself a decent cable by now, it’s high time!

The charging cases for iPhone 4 and 4S are also an interesting option as you can charge your cellphone on the go and protect it from damaging factors also. Take a look at our entire list of accessories for iPhone and see the novelty and functionality they all bring!

And one for the ladies! Dears, look at those appealing pouches for iPhone 4 and you’ll be impressed by their cool designs and cute shapes. Once you go iPhone 4 wallet case, you can never go back!