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iPhone 5C Wristlets, Card & Wallet Cases

Do you remember that time you wanted to go out but do it light, without that wide and generous purse of yours which carries so much weight? You couldn’t do it though, because you had to keep your cellphone in a safe place. Well dear, get this worry off your shoulders and forget about that baggy purse of yours, because the cell phone wallets and wristlets are exactly what you need!

Here at iGadgetZone we provide such accessories for the most popular types of cellphones. Let’s take the iPhone 5C for example. Cover it in soft, colorful and fashion-friendly TPU leather, zip it up and you’re ready to go light!

The iPhone 5C wallet pouches are provided with complementary pockets so you can easily sneak in one of your lipsticks or cards. The wristlets for iPhone 5C can also be a good choice, they come with a handle which brings comfort and holds your cellphone tight to your body.

We have an entire collection of iPhone 5C protective cases, all adressing to various needs and desires. The materials are very strong and they provide perfect fitting also, meaning that the only thing you need to do is go through our entire collection and pick your favorite. If an iPhone 5C wristlet speaks to classy and pretentious tastes, an iPhone hard cover is always more suitable for the always-on-the-go personalities.

The slim Iphone 5C covers will save the shape of your mobile phone’s design and the hard cases will double the protection against damage. You can never be too safe so feel free to browse through what we offer and choose what best meets your interests.