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Terms of Use

By using iGadget Zone™ and/or making purchases through this website, you are subjected to the following Terms of Use (also known as “Terms of Service”).  Consumers are responsible for being aware of the terms listed on this page each time this site is used for any purpose. The terms and conditions for the use of this website may change from time to time and it is up to you, the consumer, to review the terms any time you use this site. After modifications are made to this page, any updates to our Terms of Use will be effective immediately.

Privacy Policy

You are responsible for reviewing the Privacy Policy posted on iGadget Zone™. On the Privacy Policy page, you will find detailed information about how iGadget Zone™ collects and uses information obtained through this website, including our promise that we do not store payment information and do not share your order information with unauthorized 3rd parties.

Electronic Communications

Any time you send an email or comment to iGadget Zone™ or visit our website, you are engaging in electronic communications with us. Doing so signifies your permission to contact you through electronic means, including email. IGadget Zone™ may also communicate through fax or phone calls, when needed. Some communication must be submitted in writing, in which case you may receive email or fax correspondence from us.

Site Access and Copyrights

All information on this website is considered the property of iGadget Zone™ and may not be used for any purpose by any 3rd party. This includes product images, logos, content, text, and all other published material. While anyone may publish a link to the iGadget Zone™ website, links may not defame iGadget Zone™ or harm the business conducted through this website. Any other content distribution or copying is expressly prohibited.

Orders, Pricing, Errors, and Omissions

Occasionally, offers provided on this website may expire or be cancelled. When this occurs, idgadgetzone.com is not responsible for any liability in association with expired or cancelled offers. We diligently monitor inventory levels to assure that products are in stock; however we make no guarantee of availability for any product selection. This includes sale items promoted or advertised through a specific offer or at a certain rate. Some items may be removed from our inventory and iGadget Zone™ reserves the right to reject an order for items that are unavailable. We may also reject orders based on misinformation, abuse, and at our sole discretion.

Sales Tax

Residents in the state of New York are subjected to 8.88% sales tax for all items ordered through iGadget Zone™.

IGadget Zone™ International Terms

Visitors to this website are responsible for adhering to regulations and laws set forth in your area, in addition to the terms provided on this page. By using this site, you agree to comply with international internet regulations regarding the shipping of specific items, taxes on those items, and the legality of purchasing those items. This term extends to your region’s regulations regarding electronic communication with us.